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Welcome to Do Great Things

For more than 167 years, Old Mutual has contributed to social development in South Africa by investing in local initiatives such as sporting events, education, arts and culture. The knowledge and experience gained from partnering with community groups and organisations on some of South Africa’s leading events has resulted in wisdom, and wisdom shared inspires others to do great things.

With this in mind, Old Mutual has developed a community platform for users to interact with and find useful information about the various events that are sponsored by Old Mutual, covering various interests including music, running, education, wine and social responsibility.

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Register on this website to engage in the forums, comment on posts and articles and customise your experience across the various portals on the Do Great Things platform. Plus, you can download running training programmes, create party invitations, calculate education costs and enter the latest competitions.

Latest News

April 26, 2015
The third day of the of the 2015 Old Mutual joBerg2c took place today. 122km from Reitz to Sterkfontein Dam and Gerald de Kock once again keeps us updated on what took place on today's stage. On this episode of Old Mutual Live: Gerald describes the Day 3 Action We chat to a few of the riders at water point 2 and 3 Gerald speaks to a few of the riders who completed……
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April 25, 2015
Day 2 of the Old Mutual joBerg2c took place today and Gerald de Kock was once again our man on the ground. The 93km stage from Frankfort to Reitz saw the put the hammer down for the first time. On this episode of Old Mutual Live: Gerald describes the Day 2 Action We speak to the stage winners, Avis Van Rental’s Tyrone White and Andrew Hill were the first team……
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April 25, 2015
Today was day 1 of the Old Mutual joBerg2C. Our man on the ground, Gerald de Kock, not only rode today's stage between Karan Beef in Heidelberg and Frankfort, but he also stopped a few times along the way to chat to some of the interesting characters he came across. On this episode of Old Mutual Live: Gerald describes the days stage (If you wan to know what race organiser……
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April 24, 2015   |  Running
There are 37 days to go to the 90th Comrades Marathon on 31 May 2015, and in real terms its five weeks and two training days. Normally this would mean 6 weekends putting us right smack bang in the middle of the peak training weeks. For 3 hour marathoners that means somewhere around 140km-160km per week, for 4 hour marathoners around 110-120km per week and to the remainder getting around……
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April 22, 2015   |  Running
Although women will only be officially running the 90th Comrades marathon for the 41st time, only 39 women have won the Comrades Bowl to date. These numbers actually highlight the gender inequallity that has existed in sport for many years, and Comrades generally followed the norm. That said, once again the Comrades Spirit comes to the fore once again, as we delve back into the history of the race. On……
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