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For more than 167 years, Old Mutual has contributed to social development in South Africa by investing in local initiatives such as sporting events, education, arts and culture. The knowledge and experience gained from partnering with community groups and organisations on some of South Africa’s leading events has resulted in wisdom, and wisdom shared inspires others to do great things.

With this in mind, Old Mutual has developed a community platform for users to interact with and find useful information about the various events that are sponsored by Old Mutual, covering various interests including music, running, education, wine and social responsibility.

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Register on this website to engage in the forums, comment on posts and articles and customise your experience across the various portals on the Do Great Things platform. Plus, you can download running training programmes, create party invitations, calculate education costs and enter the latest competitions.

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March 28, 2015   |  Running
In the 60’s the Beatles sang of being 64 and in those days reaching three score and ten was seen as an innings that the Proteas could have been proud of. Today people are living much longer but a look at the winners of the Founders Trophy tells a story of Comrades. The Founder’s trophy goes to the oldest finisher in each years race. It was first presented in 1954……
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March 27, 2015
We head to Europe for this edition of Old Mutual Live. Marco van Leeuwen lives in the Netherlands and is coming to Cape Town to run his first Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon in 2015. Marco, who is a huge PSV Eindhoven fan, has decided to combine his love for football with his love for running at this year’s Two Oceans. Brad Brown chats to Marco about where the idea……
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March 26, 2015   |  Running
Are the modern runners too slack? Has the 12 hour cut off destroyed Comrades? The early Comrades finishers all received solid silver medals but as the numbers increased the medals were changed to reflect different performance standards. In 1960 the number of entrants exceeded 100 for only the second time with only 80 finishers. Only the top 12 finished under the 7 hour 30 minute mark and another 28 achieved……
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March 26, 2015   |  Running
Race organisation has changed considerably over the years. The very first race in 1921 took several attempts to get going and it is thanks to the persistence of Vic Clapham that 48 runners entered, 34 runners started and 16 finished. That said in 1921 the race organisers job was a less taxing than today. Once runners had started the organisers’ main priority was to keep the runner safe and on……
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March 25, 2015
Following the fires that raged across the Southern Peninsula a few weeks ago, the route for the 2015 Cape Town Cycle tour needed to be adjusted. Does the damage the fires caused mean the route for the 2015 Old Mutual Two Oceans will change? That is the question Brad Brown asks Two Oceans general manager Carol Vosloo on this edition of Old Mutual Live. Will the route include the iconic……
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