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Welcome to Do Great Things

For more than 170 years, Old Mutual has contributed to social development in South Africa by investing in local initiatives such as sporting events, education, arts and culture. The knowledge and experience gained from partnering with community groups and organisations on some of South Africa’s leading events has resulted in wisdom, and wisdom shared inspires others to do great things.

With this in mind, Old Mutual has developed a community platform for users to interact with and find useful information about the various events that are sponsored by Old Mutual, covering various interests including music, running, education, wine and social responsibility.

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Register on this website to engage in the forums, comment on posts and articles and customise your experience across the various portals on the Do Great Things platform. Plus, you can download running training programmes, create party invitations, calculate education costs and enter the latest competitions.

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May 12, 2017   |  Trophy Wine Show
By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day Every year (since May 2002), as chairman of the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show, I spend almost a week with some of the world's top wine judges and commentators. Several are locally based colleagues, the remainder are the international panelists who come to South Africa expressly for the competition. Once the day's work is done there's……
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May 5, 2017   |  Trophy Wine Show
The Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show has entered its 16th edition with 198 participating producers and 960 entries. Designed to enable the ultra-premium end of the Cape wine industry to benchmark performance to the highest international standards, the competition brings some of the world's leading wine judges to Grande Roche in Paarl from 1 to 5 May. Three person tasting panels (with at least one of these judges an experienced……
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May 5, 2017   |  Trophy Wine Show
By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day The term “mainstream” comes with a great deal of baggage. For a start, there's an implication that everything which isn't “mainstream” is marginal – unless of course you put individualism ahead of convention, in which case you excoriate those seduced by the big brand sound. If you're Anti-Establishment, you're attracted to the fringe, seeking hard-to-find rather……
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May 3, 2017   |  Trophy Wine Show
Up close & personal with the Chairman of the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2 May 2017:  An autumn sunrise with mist hanging low in the valley announces the start of a busy and stressful week – but Michael Fridjhon (pictured here) is in a relaxed mood. He puts down his coffee, slowly folds his hands behind his head and looks out to the vineyards and mountains beyond the Grande Roche……
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April 10, 2017
The numbers say it all. This year the Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon will be run for the 48th time, while the half marathon will be run for the 20th time and Old Mutual’s sponsorship of the event celebrates its 18th year. What defines this event is long term commitment. For the past four years Old Mutual has also offered a million rand prize bonus to the winning male……
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