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  • Do Great ThingsDo Great Things is a community platform for users to interact with and find useful information about the various events that are sponsored by Old Mutual for the benefit of the community.
  • Sponsorship RequestsOld Mutual believes in investing in South Africa’s social fabric through sporting events, education and arts and culture.Read More
  • More than yourselfThe ‘More than Yourself’ platform gives you an opportunity to join with others to do great things. Donate to a cause, support a participating friend’s chosen cause, or start your own fundraising campaign to support and improve communities across the country.Read More
  • Trophy Wine ShowThe Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show is South Africa’s premier wine competition that recognises the top local wines and winemakers, and honours excellence in the wine industry.Find out more
  • Old Mutual RunningThe Old Mutual running portal enables athletes to interact, ask questions, get customised training programmes and find race information for some of South Africa's leading events including The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon and the Old Mutual Om Die Dam Marathon.Read more
  • Social ResponsibilityOld Mutual’s social vision is to invest in South Africa’s economic success by contributing to jobs, education and skills creation to benefit the most vulnerable of our communities and their members.Find out more
  • Old Mutual International PairsOld Mutual are proud sponsors of the South African leg of the International Pairs Tournament, giving ordinary golfers a chance to compete like the pros.Read More

Welcome to Do Great Things

For more than 167 years, Old Mutual has contributed to social development in South Africa by investing in local initiatives such as sporting events, education, arts and culture. The knowledge and experience gained from partnering with community groups and organisations on some of South Africa’s leading events has resulted in wisdom, and wisdom shared inspires others to do great things.

With this in mind, Old Mutual has developed a community platform for users to interact with and find useful information about the various events that are sponsored by Old Mutual, covering various interests including music, running, education, wine and social responsibility.

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Register on this website to engage in the forums, comment on posts and articles and customise your experience across the various portals on the Do Great Things platform. Plus, you can download running training programmes, create party invitations, calculate education costs and enter the latest competitions.

Latest News

December 11, 2014   |  Running
This weekend signals the start of the Festive Period and Summer Holiday’s for most South Africans. It's a time of mixed fortune for runners who potentially have more time to train, but on the counter-side are often away from home without the support of their training group; on foreign soil in winter conditions; or perhaps in the wild or a game park without ready access to roads. Additionally family pressure……
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December 10, 2014   |  Running
Bob de la Motte’s Runaway Comrades is a multi-faceted read that will resonate with many different communities.  The 364 page softback not only chronicles the life story of one of the Comrades hero’s of the 1980’s but also give insight into the fears, disposition and changes of a young man making his way from student to career professional and father in apartheid South Africa.  Through six well written throwback sectors……
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December 8, 2014   |  Music
Durban - Winners of the 2014 Old Mutual National Choir Festival received more than they bargained for as the National Lottery Board  trebled the prize money to more than R1 million. The winners were announced on Sunday night at the Durban International Convention Centre. In the toughest and most closely contested competition in the festival’s history, Voices of the Nation were crowned overall winners of the large category, the Best Choice……
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November 27, 2014   |  Running
I was first introduced to the slogan ‘Start slow and taper off’ in 1994 through a good friend Joe Oakes. Joe is an ultra runner, distance swimmer, organiser of many events including the ‘Escape from Alcatraz swim’ in San Francisco and the ‘Key to Shining Key 100 miler’ down the keys of Florida. National Geographic heralded Joe for his manpowered circumnavigation the world: He is a man of vast experience……
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November 25, 2014   |  Running
It’s the final countdown! Comrades Marathon runners have less than one week to get their entry in and secure their place at the Start of the 90th ‘Ultimate Human Race’. The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has announced that the three-month entry process will close on 30 November 2014. Comrades Marathon enthusiasts who have not yet entered the iconic race are urged to enter before then. Online entries will close at……
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