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For more than 170 years, Old Mutual has contributed to social development in South Africa by investing in local initiatives such as sporting events, education, arts and culture. The knowledge and experience gained from partnering with community groups and organisations on some of South Africa’s leading events has resulted in wisdom, and wisdom shared inspires others to do great things.

With this in mind, Old Mutual has developed a community platform for users to interact with and find useful information about the various events that are sponsored by Old Mutual, covering various interests including music, running, education, wine and social responsibility.

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Register on this website to engage in the forums, comment on posts and articles and customise your experience across the various portals on the Do Great Things platform. Plus, you can download running training programmes, create party invitations, calculate education costs and enter the latest competitions.

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May 3, 2017   |  Trophy Wine Show
Up close & personal with the Chairman of the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2 May 2017:  An autumn sunrise with mist hanging low in the valley announces the start of a busy and stressful week – but Michael Fridjhon (pictured here) is in a relaxed mood. He puts down his coffee, slowly folds his hands behind his head and looks out to the vineyards and mountains beyond the Grande Roche……
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March 31, 2017   |  Trophy Wine Show
By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day The international Prosecco boom was only easy to predict in retrospect: while it was happening it appeared to be something of a five-minute wonder, with most commentators expecting it to run out of fizz as suddenly as it appeared on the scene. However, now that the category has become large enough in its own right to……
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March 24, 2017   |  Trophy Wine Show
By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day It's not a secret that South Africa's white wines enjoy a better reputation abroad than our reds. Some of this international appeal no doubt lies in their restraint, a feature which offers a better “fit” in terms of old world styles. The fact that they achieve optimum ripeness at alcohol levels which are lower than their……
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March 17, 2017   |  Trophy Wine Show
By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day Wine fashions change over the years: once acceptable flavour profiles no longer appeal in some markets – or at least in some price categories. Chief among these is the “dusty,” “green” or “herbal” notes typical of Cabernet (Sauvignon and Franc), but also present in several other varieties from cooler climates. There's a fine line between just……
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March 10, 2017   |  Trophy Wine Show
The Constantia wine producers hit town recently, hoping no doubt to galvanise some sales interest from a retail trade shell-shocked by tanking sales and rising excise. They brought the best of their current releases, ready (presumably) to address concerns that the appellation is not living up to its potential. I was keen to attend, having trafficked in this criticism on these pages. There were some very good wines at the……
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