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Lost In The Mountains

What started off being a fun training walk over the weekend in the Central Berg, scheduled for 3 hours, turned very nearly into something much more serious. After the first 2 hours all was going well when an extremely unwanted band of thick clouds rolled in. Being fairly confident I could match up to the challenge of hiking in 10m visibility in virgin terrain I kept plugging away putting valuable mileage on my trotters. My favourite saying ‘you can buy chips and Coke, but you can’t buy experience” was never truer. On and on I went until the path I was on seemed to be getting steeper and steeper. Why, when the path stopped I continued is still beyond me. Long story short – I ended up being so dissorientated that I didnt know from which direction I had just ascended. After another 2 hours, most of which involved walking down a major river in the search of life, I found myself sitting on a hill in the middle of what felt like nowhere. Getting my first sign of signal, I decided to try and find a spot where I could make use of technology which had limited battery life. I have never been so grateful for telecommunication devices. What I eventually realised was that I was in the neighbouring valley with still another few hours walk to where I had started out. With a long challenging 8 hour day out in the mountains I can only hope it will better prepare me mentally for what lies ahead on the slopes of Kili.