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Big numbers define the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon

The numbers say it all. This year the Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon will be run for the 48th time, while the half marathon will be run for the 20th time and Old Mutual’s sponsorship of the event celebrates its 18th year. What defines this event is long term commitment.

For the past four years Old Mutual has also offered a million rand prize bonus to the winning male and female runner who break the course records in the Ultra Marathon.

“The company has been around for more than 170 years,” says Karen Thomas, Old Mutual Head of Brand. “Old Mutual has staying power, and so does an event like the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. -To complete something as challenging as the Old Mutual Two Oceans or Comrades Marathon, you need a sound plan, great advice, dedication, perseverance and an ability to invest your time and energy wisely. All of these strengths all speak to the Old Mutual way of thinking.”

For Old Mutual, sponsoring events like the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon is also an opportunity to contribute towards social development, and a way to inspire people to do great things.

Countless stories are told each year of how people have changed their lives through events like the Old Mutual Two Oceans, or how others have been inspired by seeing friends and family compete. The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon is anything that a runner needs it to be – a challenge, a motivator, an inspiration, a way back from personal tragedy, and a life turning point.

“It’s heartening to know that so many people look to the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon as a form of inspiration,” says Thomas. “That is ultimately our aim; to provide through sponsorship the opportunity for people to invest in themselves, to enrich their lives and make it more fulfilling and enjoyable.”

By sponsoring initiatives like the Runners’ Village, where disadvantaged or financially insecure runners are able to stay over the Easter Weekend, Old Mutual contributes to the upliftment of the wider running community. The company also encourages runners to run for More Than Yourself, an initiative that enables Old Mutual Two Oceans participants to sign up and run in aid of various charities.

Also spearheaded by Old Mutual and their partner Wildlands is the new #GoGreen campaign. Specially constructed Throw Zones will be dotted around the route and runners are asked to dispose of their waste in these Throw Zones. The plastic will get upcycled and transformed into school desks after the event.

“It’s all about the bigger picture, making an investment in people and ideas, and staying the course for the long haul,” says Thomas. “You can’t change things overnight. Change, improvement, innovation and success all come with commitment and time. We like to think we are on the right track with our sponsorship of events like Old Mutual Two Oceans; we like to think that people have improved themselves over the years and that we have helped play a small part in that.”

Other endurance events Old Mutual also sponsors include the Old Mutual Om die Dam Marathon, the Comrades Marathon and the Old Mutual joBerg2c, a nine-day mountain bike race. More information on these events, and on the Wild Series events, can be found at the World of Endurance website. The site offers a comprehensive listing of all Old Mutual events, and features extensive advice on how to conquer your endurance challenges.

For more information, visit www.worldofendurance.co.za