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Old Mutual Education Flagship Project

While the core focus of the Old Mutual Education Flagship Project is always on maths and science, the programme adopts a holistic approach and supports a variety of interventions aimed at improving overall school functioning:

  • Building strong school leadership and management capability of principals and senior management teams
  • Building governance capacity in schools
  • Build strong leadership capability at education district level
  • Enhancing classroom teaching skills through the capacitation of Maths and Science educators, district facilitators and subject advisors
  • Providing intensive pedagogical, methodology and subject matter workshops for educators
  • Providing learning resources to schools for educators and learners
  • Improving the teaching and learning environment in schools, enhanced by the use of technology, with a focus on Maths and Science
  • Embedding values-based leadership skills and positive youth activism in learners to improve themselves, their schools and their communities
  • Encouraging the establishment and maintenance of Communities of Practice (CoPs) amongst principals and educators to share and spread knowledge, best-practice skills, solutions and innovation beyond the confines of the current set of OMEFP schools
  • Assisting school graduate registration with tertiary institutions
  • Installation of vegetable tunnels / gardens with direct benefits for improved nutrition, practical agricultural teaching, and potential income generation for schools.

In summary, the programme’s unique focus is on combining mentoring, coaching and training initiatives that will ultimately enable leaders to lead, so that educators can teach, and learners can learn.