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We have a hybrid funding approach which combines grant funding from the Old Mutual Foundation and loan funding from the Masisizane Fund, to maximise the impact of our investments, and increase access to finance and development support to these SMMEs operating in target sectors.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Fund enterprises that will create permanent sustainable jobs
  • Benefit a broad group of black beneficiaries, as opposed to individual benefit
  • Develop rural, peri- urban and township communities

Funding Criteria

Sector focus:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial

Types of funding:

  • Working capital
  • Asset finance

Stage of business:

  • Start up
  • Existing business interested in expansion or restructuring

Job creation:

  • High job creation potential

Geographic focus:

  • Rural (preferred)
  • Township(s)
  • Small town
  • Peri-urban

Organisational and beneficiary demographics:

  • 75% Black owned (African, Coloured, Indian as per BEE Codes )
  • Preference is given to:
    • Women
    • Youth (aged 15 – 35 years old)
    • People with disabilities

Additional support 

To ensure the effective use of grant and loan funding approved for projects, and the achievement of business objectives, we provide business mentorship, training and support, to all businesses that have been successful in our application process.

How to apply for funding 

Refer to the contacts page with details on how to apply.

Notes about the application process:

1. Applications are open throughout the year and assessed on a quarterly basis.
2. Dependent on the complexity of the business application and the timing of the quarterly review cycle, finalising an application could take between three and five months.