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  • Join us for #Journey2 as we travel across South Africa documenting the social development projects the Old Mutual Foundation is involved in.
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Welcome to #Journey2

It’s just short of five years (June 6, 2011) that the Old Mutual Foundation set off on an intrepid three week road trip around South Africa to document our social responsibility projects, and more importantly the impact these investments have had in the lives of our beneficiaries.

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As we prepare for our second road trip, I find myself quite thoughtful about the journey we undertook then and the journey ahead of us now. Ironically, a quote on Facebook has drifted across my newsfeed and it seems to sum up my thoughts:

‘No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man’ – Heraclitus

Yes, I think to myself, this can’t be a repeat road trip for it’s not the same country. In five years, Mandela has died, Marikana has happened and the Nkandla issue is currently being debated in our Constitutional Court. #FeesMustFall has shaken our tertiary education system to the core, highlighting issues of education and exclusivity. Talk of racism seems to have grown rather than diminished and our land is reeling from the worst drought in a century, a worrying presentiment of how climate change will increasingly impact our society in ways we cannot foresee. Somehow the shining hope of the rainbow dream has dimmed a little.

Amidst these challenges though, at our heart, I believe we are a remarkably resilient nation. We cry, we argue, we laugh. We hashtag everything. We call for “Point of Order”. We adapt and we survive. Despite a faltering global economy, Old Mutual has continued to grow and expand purposefully into Africa and other emerging markets around the world. In South Africa, we are leading a business coalition of industry leaders working closely with government to stimulate industrial growth and job creation in our domestic economy.

So too, has the Old Mutual Foundation quietly continued to support, develop and uplift the lives of many under-resourced communities through small business development, providing skills for employment, focusing on education needs and caring for the vulnerable. Perhaps we’ve been a little too quiet about the special work we do, which is why we want to document and share with you the impact of 23 selected projects in which we have invested.

So put some padkos next to your laptop and join us for this second road trip, #Journey2, as we gather the grassroots stories of the lives we’ve touched.

In the words of Heraclitus, it won’t be the same journey as the first, but will instead be its own unique experience.

Warm regards
Louise Jones
On behalf of the Old Mutual Foundation

About the 2016 Road Trip Team:

The #Journey2 team will consist of Mark Wessels as photographer, documentarian and roadside jester; Georgia Court as videographer and filmmaker extraordinaire, and Louise Jones,  Old Mutual Foundation writer, scribe and anxious time-keeper!

We’ll kick off our travels on 24 February 2016 with a visit to the community of Gansbaai in the Western Cape and  come full circle, to Kimberley in the Northern Cape, our last stop on 18 March 2016 before we head back to Cape Town.


Laat die wiele rol …

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