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Application Process

Masisizane Fund focuses on productive sectors that have high employment and growth multipliers with a strong rural, township and peri-urban bias.

Masisizane Fund provides loan financing in the following sectors:

  • Agribusiness (Primary and Agri-processing)
  • Franchising & Commercial
  • Supply Chain & Manufacturing

For more detailed information and case studies, please visit What we Fund.

Non-financial value adding services includes:

  • Capacity Development: business management and technical support.
  • Financial Education
  • Market Development
  • Product/Service quality standards and compliance

A business must show financial feasibility and the ability to repay a loan.


    Do you qualify for funding?

    The following general criteria must be adhered to, with a bias to women, youth and people with disabilities:

    • The investee must be an SMME (as defined in the National Small Business Act)
    • Business owners must be involved in the business operations and management of the company
    • The enterprise must have a formalised registered business structure (sole proprietorship, co-operative, company, closed corporation, or trust)
    • Comply with all the statutory requirements governing the type of entity
    • The enterprise must have a clearly defined marketable product or service
    • The enterprise must create or retain jobs on a sustainable basis
    • Masisizane will not finance business owners that have declared bankruptcy in other ventures
    • Masisizane will not finance businesses that would cause damage to the environment, engage in exploitative labour practices, or cruelty to animals
    • Financing must be in compliance with the National Credit Act, Masisizane’s loan policies & procedures and Old Mutual Finance Credit policies.

    These industry sectors will not be considered for funding:

    • Gambling
    • tobacco
    • alcoholic beverages
    • sex trade enterprises
    • illegal or immoral activities
    • businesses that support the military, i.e. war and related activities


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    What you need in order to apply

    The following documentation is what you will need as part of the application process:

    • Loan Application Form
    • Company Profile and Business Plan
    • Certified copy of Company Registration
    • Certified copy of Company Bank Statements
    • Curriculum Vitae of all members
    • Certified copies of educational or skills development certificates
    • Certifiied copies of any membership certificates
    • Statement of Assets and Liabilities
    • Audited financial statements
    • Personal Information form of both spouses if married in Community of Property
    • FICA verification documents of both clients and suppliers
    • Quotations
    • Order of tender documents
    • Photos of enterprise
    • Motivation letter
    • Market analysis in the motivation letter
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    Application Process and Form

    The timelines indicated are what the Masisizane Fund estimates and will endeavour to achieve, however these may vary depending on a number of factors, including:

    • Complexity of the application, deal structure, etc.
    • Availability of the applicant during the evaluation process to engage with Masisizane Fund at the site where funded activities will be undertaken, or as may be required.
    • Time it takes to obtain further information from the Applicant.


    Step 1: Screening (1 – 2 weeks)

    Submit the following documents for an initial screening by the relevant provincial office:

    • Comprehensive business plan with market analysis and projections;
    • For established businesses – past financials (preferably 3 years) and the latest management accounts;
    • For start-up businesses – financial projections;
    • Tax clearance certificate;
    • Off take agreements and/or letters of intent;
    • Signed consent for a credit check.

    Once the initial screening has been completed, a full due diligence exercise, including a site visit will follow.

    Step 2: Loan application and assessment ( 2 – 3 weeks)

    • Business plan assessment
    • NCR compliance
    • Regulatory compliance e.g. tax, trading licenses, permits
    • Industry and business analysis

    Step 3: Due Diligence (4 – 8 weeks)

    • Site visit to the Applicant’s operating premises
    • Market analysis of the business
    • Ownership and management
    • Operations and processes
    • Loan repayment ability
    • Deal structuring
    • 3rd party assessment (as required)

    Step 4: Approval (2 – 12 weeks)

    • Decision by EXCO and Credit Committee (approximately 2 – 6 weeks)
    • Approval by Board (approximately 4 – 12 weeks)

    Step 5: Disbursement (2 – 6 weeks)

    • Contracting and disbursement


    Masisizane Application Form

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