National Choir Festival
  • Qualification StageChoirs that wish to take part in the National Choir Festival (except those choirs that have obtained an exemption from the Qualification Stage and have an automatic entry) must comply with the auditioning system of the Qualification Stage.
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Qualification Stage

Choirs that have to go through qualification stage are those that obtained less than 60% in the previous year’s regional championship and those that do not have any record of previous year participation and/or are newly formed.

Choirs need to submit recordings for the audition process are those that fall under the following categories:

  • Newly formed choirs that have never taken part in National Choir Festival. These include Community Choirs, Church Choirs, Police Choirs, Tertiary Institution Choirs and Youth Choirs.
  • Choirs that have been in existence and have participated in the National Choir Festival but did not participate in the previous year.
  • Choirs that took part in previous year’s District Eliminations and did not get the required mark of 60%.
  • Choirs that took part in the Regional Championships in previous year’s and obtained 59% and below.

Recordings to be submitted via CD, DVD or email

Choirs are required to submit their recordings via DVD/CD/E-mail in order to be considered for this year’s competition. Choirs must record a Western and an African song (one of which must be with piano accompaniment) these must be from the National Choir Festival repertoire dating back five years.

Choirs must submit their recordings together with the proof of payment of the registration fee of R150, together with their recordings to reach organisers no later than 30 April.

The recordings will be adjudicated by the National Choir Festival adjudicators. All choirs will be notified of their marks and results.