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Old Mutual National Choir Festival Programme

The annual Old Mutual National Choir Festival is an exciting music development venture that extends beyond the borders of South Africa, with choirs from Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland joining choirs from the Rainbow Nation in this choral contest.

The festival is one of Old Mutual’s much-loved sponsorship properties and we have been a part of this wonderful initiative for the past 29 years. Today the event still rings true to its original purpose: changing lives through choral music.

This year saw more than 150 choirs competing, starting with the district elimination in March, followed by the regional championships, and culminating this weekend in the national finals that will thrill generations of audiences.

We consider it an enormous privilege to nurture awesome local talent and an honour to showcase the African subcontinent’s finest vocal stars. The 22 choirs that made it to the finals will treat audiences to choral music at its glorious, inspiring best.

As a responsible business, we are committed to uplifting the people and communities we serve and we are very proud to support music and sports events that bridge divides and unite individuals, families and communities.

We heartily congratulate all the finalists and wish you all the best of luck. We appreciate the hours and hours of practice, dedication and commitment you have invested in creating your beautiful sounds and look forward to the magic of the final performances. As  novelist Richard Llewellyn once declared: “Sing, then sing indeed, with your shoulders back and your head up so that song itself might go through the roof and towards heaven”.