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  • Comrades MarathonEntries for the 2016 Comrades Marathon closed in November 2015. Comrades is is the world's oldest and largest ultra marathon. Find out more about the 2016 substitution process now. Find out more
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Race Countdown


Comrades Marathon

The Comrades Marathon race will be run on Sunday, 29 May 2016 starting at 05h30 and finishing at 17h30. The race is run from “gun to gun”.

The Comrades Marathon is the world’s oldest and largest ultra marathon run over a distance of approximately 90 km (56.1 miles) between the capital of the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa, Pietermaritzburg, and the coastal city of Durban.

The early bird entry fee of R380 is valid until 30 September 2015. As of 1 October, the South African entry fee will increase to R420.’

2016 Comrades Marathon

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Entries open 1 September and close 30 November 2015


Norrie Williamson – Old Mutual’s Virtual Coach

Virtual coach Norrie Williamson, taking viewers on a virtual ‘tour’ of the Comrades Marathon


2015 Race Results

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May 17, 2016 Yesterday i pointed out the way OVER 95% of runners actually run on Comrades day - and it is clearly incorrect.... That is a massive number of people doing something incorrectly and so not surprisingly it is quite a FACT that is hard to believe or come to terms with... The key point is that any suggestion of "putting time in the bank by half way" is a GUARANTEE that you will…
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May 16, 2016 Its only 13 days to Comrades 2016 Down run – So WHY would I want to open this post by highlighting the INCORRECT pacing strategy? It is said 13 is UNLUCKY – but LUCK has nothing to do with Pacing – DISCIPLINE and Common sense has! So today is about the FACTS! that lead to DEDUCTIONS and mistakes you do NOT need to make…… Why so many block capital words? Because unfortunately the facts…
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May 13, 2016 The five second rule -- Comrades Planning – 16 days to go With only 16 days to go until the start of the 91st Comrades, its is the planning that should be grabbing your focus. No General goes into war without a plan, and no runner should step over the start on Sunday 29 Mary without a clear time and medal objective, and a strategy to achieve it. Previously we used a “mile”…
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April 26, 2016 Comrades counting down - some interesting little snippet for those on the start line: The race commences around 665m above sea level and drops overall to Durban making it an 'assisted' race 0.73% drop which is over 7 times the allowable for a recognised course - The the distance is obviously A to B and outside the 50% separation allowance for 'distance national / international records' -- That said it would sound…
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