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Free Comrades Pacing wrist band to let you Achieve Greatness

Comrades counting down – some interesting little snippet for those on the start line:

The race commences around 665m above sea level and drops overall to Durban making it an ‘assisted’ race 0.73% drop which is over 7 times the allowable for a recognised course – The the distance is obviously A to B and outside the 50% separation allowance for ‘distance national / international records’ —

That said it would sound an easy downhill course :

Looks are deceptive —
There is over 1240 metres climb in this downhill route!

And so obviously around 1890 metres drop with some inclines in the region of 10.% – and some declines in excess of 10.5%

To give some form of indication of what this means — The constructions roads that those really powerful massive dump trucks used in open cast mines will never be expected to climb out on that gradient.
in USA wheelchairs would never be allowed / not deemed acceptable or safe on race that has an incline in excess of 7.5% incline.

Some of these downhills are obviously not ideal to run down as the damage to the quads, knees and ankles can be significant —
Locals in KZN have seen (too many times) the damage that can be done when even a car, taxi or lorry, runs away on these steep downhill – runners ‘suspension’ can be equally damaged!

BUT don’t worry – over 100,000 runners have done this route many times each …. however if you handle the course incorrectly and you will know what the ‘shuffle’ truly is…..

Once again Old Mutual through the Virtual Coach and World of Endurance – will be providing FREE wrist pacing bands for all the key target times on the Old Mutual stand at the Expo.

The pacing analysis has been totally updated using over 80 points on the route and 60 plus fixed altitude markers – so it is even more accurate than ever….. Get your bands at the Expo before your race..