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  • Old Mutual Road RaceThis year marks the 25th annual Old Mutual 10km road race and 5,6 km fun walk. The race will take place on 25 February 2017 in Pinelands.
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The 25th Old Mutual Road Race

The 25th annual Old Mutual 10km road race and 5,6 km fun walk takes place on 25 February 2017.

Race Information

The start and finish will be at the Old Mutual Sports Grounds in Pinelands.

  1. Nearest railway station – Mutual Station.
  2. Entries will be accepted from 05h30 on the day of the race.
  3. Water available along the route and Coca-Cola available at the finish.
  4. Tog bag facilities available at own risk, as well as shower facilities.
  5. Prize-giving at 09h00.
  6. Medals to the first 2 500 finishers.
  7. Social walkers are welcome to participate.
  8. Thank you to Coca-Cola for their sponsorship.
  9. Fun Walk will start at 06h45. Participants must be nine years or older. Medals to the first 1 000 finishers.

Race Rules

  1. The race is open to all, but registered athletes should run in club colours and must display their 2017 licence numbers on the front and back. No race numbers will be issued.
  2. for safety reasons the use of personal music players with headphones is not allowed. Use of such device in contravention of IAAF rule 144.3b, may result in disqualification.
  3. Temporary licenced participants are eligible for age category prizes provided they enter for the relevant age group, wear the appropriate age tags and provide proof of age. Temporary licenced athletes must run in plain coloured clothing without advertising, with the temporary licence number on the front.
  4. Temporary licences will be available at registration. When registering, participants must complete and hand in the tear off strip from the number in order to be eligible to compete.
  5. No personal seconding will be permitted, except at official refreshment stations.
  6. Juniors (born 1998 or later) wearing a Junior or Senior Licence must display age tags “J” to qualify for age group prizes. Juniors will count towards open team prizes.
  7. Club colours must be worn to qualify for team prizes.
  8. Participants must be 14 years or older on the day.
  9. Traffic officers, officials and race marshals must be obeyed at all times.
  10. Time limit: 105 minutes.
  11. Athletes 60 and over run for free.
  12. Athletes should be in possession of their race entry cards during the race.
  13. In addition to overall (open) prizes, participants will only be eligible for a category prize in the category they enter. Corresponding numerical age categories must be worn on the front and back of the vest. Participants may enter for the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger category down to Senior.
  14. Do not litter. Dispose of sachets and cups responsibly by using the boxes provided or carrying them to the Finish. Report offenders to the referees.
  15. Wheelchair athletes must please contact the organisers timeously to discuss arrangements for their participation.
  16. Detailed rules are available on www.wpa.org.za or on request from the organisers or the WPA office.

Race Entry Fees

Click here to view race entry fees.

Course Records

Men: Thembalani Zola (Mr Price WP) 29:15
Ladies: Bulelwa Mtshagi (Celtic) 33:52


Ismail Ahmed: 082 453 8314
Russel Peters: 072 320 5342
Robbie Visser: 082 555 8157
Merton Snyders: 084 506 6636

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