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The Old Mutual Virtual Coach has developed a series of training programmes designed to help you ‘do great things’ with your running goals. Follow the daily plans to help you train and prepare for your next race. Simply select your race and the time you hope to finish in and you’ll be presented with a day-by-day training programme.

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March 29, 2015 In many countries in the World the 90km distance would be considered more an extended marathon than an Ultra. These countries believe that ultras only begin at 100km. Now 90km is only a ‘kick in the pants’ shorter than a 100km and the big five hills would certainly make this somewhat harder than a flatter 100km, and on the up run the 35km of constant climbing to Bothas Hill certainly takes…
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March 28, 2015 In the 60’s the Beatles sang of being 64 and in those days reaching three score and ten was seen as an innings that the Proteas could have been proud of. Today people are living much longer but a look at the winners of the Founders Trophy tells a story of Comrades. The Founder’s trophy goes to the oldest finisher in each years race. It was first presented in 1954 for the…
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March 26, 2015 Are the modern runners too slack? Has the 12 hour cut off destroyed Comrades? The early Comrades finishers all received solid silver medals but as the numbers increased the medals were changed to reflect different performance standards. In 1960 the number of entrants exceeded 100 for only the second time with only 80 finishers. Only the top 12 finished under the 7 hour 30 minute mark and another 28 achieved what would…
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March 26, 2015 Race organisation has changed considerably over the years. The very first race in 1921 took several attempts to get going and it is thanks to the persistence of Vic Clapham that 48 runners entered, 34 runners started and 16 finished. That said in 1921 the race organisers job was a less taxing than today. Once runners had started the organisers’ main priority was to keep the runner safe and on the correct…
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