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Two Oceans Marathon

The Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon attracts the cream of local and international athletes, offering a tough challenge against a backdrop of spectacular scenery.  It has earned a reputation as the world’s most beautiful marathon. The first race was held in 1970 and saw 26 runners line up to face the unknown challenge. Since then, the race has become a national institution and a firm favourite with local, upcountry, and international athletes. The 2016 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon will take place on Saturday, 26 March 

2015 race results

Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon 2016

23 – 25 March 2016: Expo Dates
25 March 2016: Fun/Trail Runs

2016 Entry details

21 October 2015: Ultra Marathon (All runners)

4 November 2015: Half Marathon (Blue Number Club)

11 November 2015: Half Marathon (Running Club members)

14 November 2015: Half Marathon (General entries)

23 November 2015: Half Marathon (Charity entries)

26 November 2015: Trail Runs (All runners)

11 January 2016: Ultra/Half/Trail (Substitution entries)

2016 Entry fee schedule

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