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  • Sponsorship RequestsIf you have an event that you believe is aligned with Old Mutual’s key philosophies of diversity, transformation, growth and good corporate citizenship, you can apply here.
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Sponsorship Requests

Old Mutual will evaluate each sponsorship application according to the following criteria:

  • Would the sponsorship be in line with our business and communication objectives?
  • Is there a strategic fit between the event’s target market and ours?
  • Will the event have a strong media element to allow us to reach a broad segment of our target market?
  • Will sponsoring the event drive customers to our business?
  • Will the sponsorship offer a favourable return on investment?
  • Does the sponsorship property allow engagement opportunities for Old Mutual staff?
  • Does the sponsorship property make a charitable contribution to communities?

Please note that Old Mutual does not sponsor individuals and that our sponsorship is never in the form of a donation.

Sponsorship Request Form

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