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  • About the ShowThe Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show is SA's premier wine competition. It recognises the top local wines and winemakers and honours excellence in the wine industry.
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Old Mutual, an international investment, savings, insurance and banking group, has been the headline sponsor of the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show since its inception in 2002.

While we see great value in a process which identifies the country’s top wines, we believe that skills development should be an important element of all our sponsorships. Through our involvement with the Trophy Wine Show we are able to support the Wine Judging Academy, run in conjunction with the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, and dedicated to training world-class wine judges.

We are excited to play an important role in discovering talent across the wine industry and highlighting it both locally and on the international stage. Recognising the importance of the rigour which goes into the Show’s judging methodology, we take the top wines on a national roadshow to introduce them to discerning wine lovers in eight cities in Southern Africa.

Listed in the Entry Kit is all you need to know about the show’s rules and guidelines.

The judging panel is chaired by Michael Fridjhon. Read more about the International, National and Associate judges and the judging process which takes place from 2 to 5 May 2017 in Paarl.

This prestigious wine competition includes two Public Tasting events, held annually in Johannesburg and Cape Town in June.


May 30, 2017 A spread of results, celebrating the achievements of producers from Constantia to the Northern Cape, and from cellars dating back several centuries to producers making their first wines in the last ten years, are a feature of the 2017 OMTWS laureates. These results reflect the vast changes which have taken place in the Cape wine industry over the past few decades, while at the same time reinforcing the claims of…
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May 12, 2017 By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day Every year (since May 2002), as chairman of the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show, I spend almost a week with some of the world's top wine judges and commentators. Several are locally based colleagues, the remainder are the international panelists who come to South Africa expressly for the competition. Once the day's work is done there's usually…
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May 05, 2017 The Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show has entered its 16th edition with 198 participating producers and 960 entries. Designed to enable the ultra-premium end of the Cape wine industry to benchmark performance to the highest international standards, the competition brings some of the world's leading wine judges to Grande Roche in Paarl from 1 to 5 May. Three person tasting panels (with at least one of these judges an experienced overseas…
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May 05, 2017 By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day The term “mainstream” comes with a great deal of baggage. For a start, there's an implication that everything which isn't “mainstream” is marginal – unless of course you put individualism ahead of convention, in which case you excoriate those seduced by the big brand sound. If you're Anti-Establishment, you're attracted to the fringe, seeking hard-to-find rather than…
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May 03, 2017 Up close & personal with the Chairman of the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2 May 2017:  An autumn sunrise with mist hanging low in the valley announces the start of a busy and stressful week – but Michael Fridjhon (pictured here) is in a relaxed mood. He puts down his coffee, slowly folds his hands behind his head and looks out to the vineyards and mountains beyond the Grande Roche Hotel,…
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March 31, 2017 By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day The international Prosecco boom was only easy to predict in retrospect: while it was happening it appeared to be something of a five-minute wonder, with most commentators expecting it to run out of fizz as suddenly as it appeared on the scene. However, now that the category has become large enough in its own right to be…
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March 24, 2017 By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day It's not a secret that South Africa's white wines enjoy a better reputation abroad than our reds. Some of this international appeal no doubt lies in their restraint, a feature which offers a better “fit” in terms of old world styles. The fact that they achieve optimum ripeness at alcohol levels which are lower than their red…
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March 17, 2017 By Michael Fridjhon, Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show Chairman. First published in Business Day Wine fashions change over the years: once acceptable flavour profiles no longer appeal in some markets – or at least in some price categories. Chief among these is the “dusty,” “green” or “herbal” notes typical of Cabernet (Sauvignon and Franc), but also present in several other varieties from cooler climates. There's a fine line between just ripe…
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